Finding candidates that will effectively carry your messages and influence productivity has never been tougher in today’s changing landscape.

HUMAN Career Consulting offers you a unique talent pool of impact players across Korea. Whatever your business needs are, you can be sure that we have the right individuals that can drive positive growth to your business.

Our consultants are professionals with in-depth knowledge and expertise in specific industries. They provide value to your organization because they understand what your company needs most and has the necessary connection to bring the right impact player to boost your company’s performance.

Areas of Expertise

HUMAN Career Consulting has a proven track record of successfully completing recruitment assignments in different functional areas. Whether it’s a mid or senior level position, we guarantee that we have the necessary experience and knowledge to find the best fit candidate for your organization.
By utilizing our vast database, human network and strategic partners, we are able to cut the sourcing lead time and provide you with a short-list of candidates that has the necessary functional experience. This means that you hire individuals that are ready to perform and bring positive impact to your company.
HUMAN Career Consulting strive to provide you with only the best search executive service possible. This means that we focus only on specific industries in order to provide you with outstanding results.

The Science of Finding Talent

> Helping you build the core of your business
Human capital is one of the most important resource that your organization need to cultivate in order to meet the ever changing challenges of the business landscape. While some people believe that technology has helped us connect with a wide audience, HR professionals conclude that it has made recruitment more difficult.
At HUMAN Career Consulting, our consultants have been trained to identify, select and cultivate impact players. While it is true that we focus on what the candidates can contribute today, we also ensure that the candidates we refer to you are people with the right attitude and the potential to adapt to changes.

Streamlined Methodol0gy

Requirement gathering and analysis with focus on identifying key functional requirements that makes a candidate successful on the job
Talent mapping including overview of candidate pool landscape, cost range, alternative selections
Agreement on project timeline, cost and terms of services
Candidate identification using traditional & non-traditional tools
Candidate screening via internal interviews and metrics
Candidate short-listing and referral
Discussion with client on search progress
Client interview and selection
Benchmarking and Feedback
Candidate on-boarding & soft-landing support including but not limited to scheduling, issue tracking, and service guarantee
Consultation with client with regard to successful hires performance
Risk assessment and when applicable preparation of replacements
Clients are provided with written assessment and reference checks as per request
> Streamlined methodology, optimized service
At HUMAN Career Consulting, we believe that providing you with excellent service means providing you with the right candidate at the speed which your business demands.
Our years of experience in the industry has taught us the most efficient way possible in recruiting talents while ensuring the quality of our service. “Saying NO” to certain assignments is one of the principles we adhere to. We guarantee that each assignment we accept are within our capabilities allowing you save time and overall cost.
We guarantee that each candidate referred to you are properly screened and has shown the necessary commitment to pursue their application right to the end.
Unlike other recruitment companies, HUMAN Career consulting keeps track of candidates even after they are hired. We are in constant communication with you so that we can readily respond to any request that you may need.

Recruitment Tools

HUMAN Network
As a recognized leader in search executive services in Korea, we are able to tap on a wide resource of thought leaders, think-tanks, innovators, subject matter experts, professionals and partners that help us understand your needs. By utilizing our vast HUMAN network, we are able to cut down on the search lead time up to as much as 60% in most cases.
Internal / External DB
HUMAN Career Consulting boasts of one of the most comprehensive and largest data collection of talent profiles in Korea today. Aside from this, we have access to external database via our partnership with other leading search executive firms, institutions and agencies. This means that any search we conduct is done on a massive scale.
Job Portals
Access and use of job portals is one of the traditional methods in search executive services in Korea today. The difference is that our consultants have proven industry and functional experience which makes filtering information on job portals more efficient, accurate and in-line with your organization’s requirements. After all, it takes an expert to spot an expert!
Social Network Services are not only good for communicating with friends. At HUMAN Career Consulting, we use the power of SNS not only to spot candidates but also analyze a potential hire’s behavior, thought processes and expertise.
> Large pool of impact players
HUMAN Career Consulting provide its clients with the largest selection of Korean professionals. By utilizing different traditional and non-traditional tools, we are able to expand our search coverage unlike no other company.

We provide expert service across vertical industries as well as every major functional role.

Recruitment Services

Retained Search Service
Retained Search allows you to have a dedicate search team to fill a position at the shortest possible time. This would, however, involve a financial commitment from the client and would mean the highest level of service and support from HUMAN Career Consulting and its network.
This type of service level is best for the most urgent and most difficult positions, and is not necessarily related to the functional level of the positions but of its urgency and difficulty.
Contingency Search Service
Contingency Search is the most preferred type of recruitment service in Korea. It allows clients to acquire a good pool of candidates without having to enter into an initial financial commitment. Clients would be invoiced only upon successful on-boarding of the candidates. This type of service is most ideal for non-executive level positions.
Project-Based Search Service
Project-based Search allows you to fill multiple positions of similar or related functional roles within a given period. This involves a greater interaction between the consultant and the client, with the consultant acting as an in-house hiring manager creating organizational synergy during the initial phase of a particular project.
It is ideal for companies who wish to hire functional experts in order to implement a particular project within its organization or on behalf of an external stakeholder.

Team Structure


Single-Point-of-Contact with client
Responsible for overall search process and communication with client and internal stakeholder
Review, filter, selects candidate for client referral
Responsible for managing project quality, timeline and resources
Research Associate
Filters and screens candidate for consultant review
Internal Advisor
Subject-matter expert and or industry specialist


> The highest level of service
In each executive search engagement, we make sure that you get an unparalleled level of service and commitment. This means that regardless of the career level, we provide the same attention to detail, exhaust all of our available resources and pull in our experts in order to provide you with the right person to do the job.

Client List

> Foreign-Invested firms (Semiconductor, Electricity, Electronics, Telecommunications, LCD, Ultrasound, Medical, Consulting, Chemical, Auto parts, SI, Air-conditioning, etc)
In each executive search engagement, we make sure that you get an unparalleled level of service and commitment. This means that regardless of the career level, we provide the same attention to detail, exhaust all of our available resources and pull in our experts in order to provide you with the right person to do the job.
> Domestic Firms (Semiconductor, Electricity, Electronics, Telecommunications, Wireless /RF/ Signal procession, LCD, Games, Virtual / Platform. Web, Auto parts, Chemical)
SK C&C / SPG / Konan Technology / Samsung Engineering / CESCO /Daesang / S-oil / RFT / KG Mobilians / C&S Technology / I & C Technology / Hyundai Telecom / SCD / MT C&C / CHA Bio & Diostech/ JC Hyun Systems / Jung Soft/ Korea Computer/ Chungho Com Net / TeleWorks / FLK / Coweaver / Thinkware/ Caregen / ESP Systems / Open Tide Korea / Bon Elecronics / Mototech/ Moatech / Sein System / GSI / Tmaxsoft / HANBIT Electronics/ CUBIC Wave / Samsung Techwin / Valtech Consulting / RFHIC / Topfield / 태광㈜ / GSMbiz/ LGInnotek / Prewell/ KMW㈜/ JB Amusement/ Nepes/ Kaonmedia/ Kumho Petrochemical / Nautilus Hyosung /Hyosung Information Systems / Epasskorea/ SK UBcare/ Times Aerospace Korea/ CyberLogitec /4C Gate/ Taejininfotech/ Sentronix /MCC / Casamia / KB Investment & Securities/ Hana Daetoo Securities/ LIG Securities / GamePark Holdings / Bluebird Soft/ NCB Networks/ Jeil Steel/ Younglimwon / Dauincube